Financial Data Mining

Most of your data are hidden underneath core financial statements

Getting to the information you need from a company's financial reports can be daunting. Not only do you have to deal with the complexity of extracting data from the core financial statements, you also need to have a way to get to data that are hidden in the notes and the tables inside the notes. On top of that, financial documents often come in different file formats (such as PDF, HTML, Word, Text) and even after you find the data in all those files, you still have to convert it into information. BCL Financial Data Mining System can consolidate the document file formats, find all the hidden data, and convert it into information that you can use.

Where are the hidden data?

Notes to the core financials

Data such as dates, monetary values, and other descriptions in notes are often overlooked and very time consuming to find and convert into real information.

Tables within the notes

The problem is compounded by the presence of tables within the notes, not to mention the descriptions within those tables that you have to convert into meaningful information.

Converting hidden data into meaningful information

Finding hidden data is just a start. The real benefit of our system is the ability to convert those data into information that you can really use. Our patent-pending technologies can find the attributes of the data (such as units, start dates, end dates, types of stock, currencies, regions, report type) and automatically tag the data with those attributes.

Ultimately, our system will allow you to do these sophisticated queries:

  • "Find companies that grew more than 5% in 2010"
  • "Calculate ratio of Cash to Assets for software companies"
  • "What is the Debt to Equity ratio?"


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