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Develop Powerful PDF Applications with just 3 Lines of Code

Speeding up your software development while increasing the performance of your applications

3 Lines of Code With just 3 lines of code, BCL easyPDF SDK can convert any document format into high-quality PDF file:
1|Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.6")
2|Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob
3|oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\input.doc", "C:\output.pdf"

Note: After you establish a connection with the COM Object (line #1) and get the PrintJob object (line #2), all you need to do next is to pass the input file and the output file (line #3). BCL easyPDF SDK will take care of the rest.

For server-side PDF processing, BCL easyPDF SDK provides a -Loader Object that helps you set up your conversion server. By accessing BCL easyPDF SDK through this object, you don't have to deal with many server-side configurations.

BCL easyPDF SDK is developed from the ground up to perform in server environment, as well as in desktop environment, which demand quality, speed, reliability and maintainability.

To explore all the benefits of using BCL easyPDF SDK in your server and desktop applications, please click on one of the links below:

Easy To Use, Yet Powerful

  • It took very little amount of coding to integrate easyPDF SDK into our application, and we haven’t had to change BCL code once!” Read the case study...
    Shawn Hess, TAXWORKS

BCL easyPDF SDK hides the complexity associated with converting a document into PDF and encapsulates it into as little as 3 lines of code. Just imagine the usual programming steps that you have to take in order to convert a document to PDF. Not only you have to successfully launch the host application and open the document, but you also have to make sure that nothing happens during conversion. One little mishap can grind your application to a halt. And multiply that with the number of documents you need to convert and the number of processes you need to spawn.

With BCL easyPDF SDK, you can speed up your development process and at the same time; increase the performance of your applications. Download the free trial to see it for yourself.

Comprehensive PDF Features

  • We evaluated all the PDF conversion tools out there, including Adobe's. Only BCL’s easyPDF SDK could meet all our requirements. And it's the only tool that could run by itself without human intervention and without requiring people to be logged into the applications. We now have it deployed in 11 sites.” Read the case study...

    - Bernard Fazzini, NORTHROP GRUMMAN

BCL easyPDF SDK comes with all APIs that you may need in developing enterprise server and desktop applications:

Works with Many Programming Languages

By putting BCL easyPDF SDK API in a fully compliant COM Object wrapper, BCL allows programmers to create, manipulate, and modify PDF documents from any language that supports COM Objects (How to use easyPDF SDK in .NET).

Languages that can access BCL’s COM Object based easyPDF SDK include:

  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • Perl
  • Python (requires PythonWin)
  • Any programming language that
    supports COM Object, ActiveX, OLE

High Quality PDF Output

Unlike the majority of other vendors, BCL easyPDF SDK uses its own internally developed PDF engine which was developed from the ground up to deliver unprecedented quality and performance demanded by the enterprise users.

Besides creating high quality PDF, BCL easyPDF SDK also supports: PDF bookmarks, PDF hyperlink, UNICODE, digital signature, digital stamp, PDF watermark, PDF metadata, 40bit and 128bit PDF encryption, merge PDF, split PDF, rotate PDF, optimize PDF, delete PDF, PDF form filling, PDF form data collections and much more...

Fast Conversion

BCL easyPDF SDK can produce high quality PDF without intermediary PostScript file. This translates into much faster PDF conversion.

BCL easyPDF SDK's speed and reliability have been tested in PDF Online, our free PDF conversion service. PDF Online servers process thousands of PDF conversions per day (with 99% success rate) and runs 24x7 with no human operator.

Advanced Error Recovery

BCL easyPDF SDK has robust error handling built into it to allow trouble free PDF creation, modification and merging. Threads are monitored for time-outs to make sure that they do not stop an application’s operation. Each thread in BCL easyPDF SDK is isolated from other thread and does not affect their operation.

Special handling of Microsoft Word and Excel documents allows exceptions thrown by either of these programs to be handled effectively through BCL easyPDF engine, ensuring that excellent PDFs are created from these applications under all normal circumstances.

BCL easyPDF SDK's speed and reliability have been tested in PDF Online, our free PDF conversion service. PDF Online servers process thousands of PDF conversions per day (with 99% success rate) and runs 24x7 with no human operator.

Unlimited Multi-threading

BCL easyPDF SDK allows you to run unlimited PDF conversion processes. The number of processes you can run is limited only by:

  • Your CPU speed
  • Your system's memory
  • The capability of the host applications (e.g. MS Word) you are using

BCL easyPDF SDK also supports multiple-processor machines.








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