Your important financial data are locked underneath

Mine your financial data beyond core financial statements (data that are locked in notes and tables within those notes). Ultimately, with our patent pending technologies you will be able to do sophisticated queries on all your data

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Presentation Slides: BCL Financial Data Mining System

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SEC Compliance and XBRL Auto-Tagging Solutions

BCL provides SEC EDGAR compliant and filing solutions (HTML and XBRL) to leading companies in the financial, corporate and legal sectors.


BCL Document and Natural Language Research

Our sophisticated financial data mining system comes from our cutting-edge research in two broadly-defined areas - Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Document Analysis and Recognition (DAR).

Our new business process and BCL's effective implementation of technology improve the quality and shareholder friendliness of disclosure documents while intelligently automating the process required for SEC filings.

Kamal Bhatia - First Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation

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